to learn in a modern way

How can we redirect the child's interest from playing games on the tablet towards education and the development of motor and sensory skills?
interactive sandbox, augmented reality sandbox, interactive table, interactive wooden blocks
Every day, the children yawned and fidgeted while studying, and they only thought about how to quickly get to the tablet to play games through the touch interface, which did not develop anything for them and caused addiction.
Once upon a time, toddlers were bored while learning, and smartphones and tablets mostly were used to calm down and divert kid's attention.

Happy story

One day tangible-play Scapio complex appeared that allowed to play games that are as interesting as on the tablet and at the same time educational, and interaction with the game took place through sand and wooden blocks.
Because of that, toddlers during the game began to receive not only fun but also to gain knowledge, as well as to develop hand motor and sensory skills, which are so important for preschoolers.
Until finally kids forgot that learning is boring, and the development of motor and sensory skills helped them study better in the future, and as a result, we got more scientists, musicians, and astronauts.
Because of that, сhildren found a modern and smart replacement for the tablet with games.

Interactive sandbox explained

interactive sandbox, augmented reality sandbox
Projector projects light on the sand depending on where the sand is at this moment. In some games, sand is colored based on height, in other games, the projector creates realistic textures and landscapes imitating the real world with water, mountains, greenery, lava, etc.
The processor processes incoming data and sends a signal to the projector.
The depth sensor reads the sand surface and transfers a 3D map of the sand surface into the processor.
The projector projects light on the lid depending on what wooden blocks show and where they are at this moment. In some games, players can spell words correctly to see these objects appearing on the table.

The sandbox is covered with a white lid made of wood.

The processor processes incoming data and sends a signal to the projector.
The depth sensor reads the content of the wooden blocks on the table and transfers this information to the processor.
interactive table, interactive wooden blocks

Interactive table explained

Scapio Center

Scapio Store, OS Android, Interface
OS Android apps manager.
Direct access from the equipment.
Minimalistic and simple interface.
Scapio Store, OS Android, Interface
Full access to all games.
You will obtain a new game every month.
You will get new updates every week.
Full access to all games.
You will obtain a new game
every month.
You will get new updates
every week.

Sand games (6)

Sand games

The Fossil game allows you to feel as if you are a real archeologist. The whole dinosaur skeleton lies under the sand and waits for you to unveil it, having shown patience and care, not letting the bones break. You can play by hand or use brushes. Each level features a new dinosaur.
Players interacting with the sand can roll colored balls and thereby draw or paint pictures.
Color Balloons
A game of football, pinball, and air hockey combined. The players split into two teams and roll virtual ball. It reacts to the movements as it would in real life, i.e. it is harder to roll it uphill. There are four additional levers around the field, which help to roll the ball. The aim is to score as many goals as possible. The crowd cheers for each goal.
The main character is a spiny hedgehog that has curled up into a round. The player controls his movements by rolling over the surface. On the way, he encounters other objects, the main of which are balloons, inflatable balls, and other similar objects that can burst, deflate and make a loud sound when interacting with the spikes of a hedgehog. The goal of the game is to reach your destination by bursting the minimum number of balloons.
Hedgehog Adventures
Imagination is an important part of our life. The player can implement their wildest ideas with a Geography game. This game does not distract the player’s attention to additional elements, levels, or limitations. With an interactive sandbox, you can create the world you always dreamt about.
The game begins with a simple task to unearth the trunk with treasures. Each new level presents harder tasks and mines appear, which might explode. The player must carefully defuse them and find all treasures.

Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks games (15)

Wooden blocks games

By combining mathematical wooden blocks, the player can get the answer to the resulting mathematical expressions. Each expression must end with a "=" symbol. In the modes "Addition", "Subtraction", "Multiplication" the player needs to solve mathematical tasks.
At the start of a round, several dice are rolled. The player needs to quickly add up in his mind and lay out with the help of markers a number that will equal the sum of the numbers on the dice. There is a competitive mode.
The playing field is a column of rows consisting of numbers. The elements are mixed and one digit is missing in each row. The player needs to put the missing number in the right cell without wasting time. Over time, the rows multiply, and the speed of their appearance increases.
Math Tetris
The player's turn begins with a die roll. The throw happens automatically. The player needs to put a marker with the number on the die in his circle. After a correct answer, the player's character will make the number of moves indicated on the die. The first player to reach the finish line wins.
Table Games
The game will introduce the child to numbers, show how they look, are called, and are written. In card mode, you need to count the number of objects on the card and put the corresponding number.
Studying The Numbers
A circle appears on the surface of the table, into which the player must place markers with letters. The computer displays an image of the object and pronounces its name. The player must place a cube with the first letter of the name of the animal that is currently displayed on the screen in a special area.
The first player needs to write any word (noun) that begins with a letter suggested by the game. The next player needs to write a new word that starts with the last letter of the word written by the previous player.
Mega Word
The player chooses an animal from the available list. The animal appears on the screen waiting for food. The player spells the names of the food. Then the food appears on the table, after which it is sent to the food bowl. If the animal loves this food, then it will begin to eat it. Otherwise, the animal will refuse to eat and will be unhappy.
Feed The Pet
An animal is hidden behind the curtain, which makes a sound characteristic of itself. Players must correctly recognize the animal by this sound and write its name using cubes with letters. If the name is correct, the curtain will rise, and the players will see a joyful (happy) animal. After that, the curtain will drop, and the next animal will appear behind it.
Guess The Animal
Using markers, players take turns laying out words on the table. Each letter must be in a cell. The player with the most points wins.
The castle is under attack and you have to protect it against enemies. The aim keeps players involved and makes them come up with new strategies. It is important to define the right strategy and quickly adapt to the changes happening in the game. The enemies attack the castle from different sides.
Castle Defence
The player can create his/her melodies by laying out letter markers on the surface in specially designated square areas. Each square area is linked to a specific musical sound – once the sensor identifies any marker on the area, the sound appears with the visible sound wave. The player can set as many markers as possible and test the created sound. The main idea is to create your music or recreate any other.
Players need to solve a crossword puzzle. Each picture indicates the direction in which you need to put the correct word.
Special cubes fine-tune motor skills. The sensor reads every move and immediately adjusts the image. The players can visualize various animals, learn how to spell words, and observe how the animals interact.
The game provides an opportunity to study cosmic bodies, such as planets, satellites, stars, etc. You can observe the change of day and night, get brief information and observe the process of rotation of an object around its axis.

What's inside

Projector Epson CO-W01
Orbbec Persee, Depth Sensor, OS Android
WXGA(1280x800), 3000 Lumen, Lamp 6000 hours
Projector Epson CO-W01
Depth Sensor + RGB Camera
Depth Sensor Orbbec Astra Pro Plus
With Amlogic A311D processor, 30 GB memory (support SD card up to 1 TB), 4 GB RAM and
OS Android 9 onboard
SB Computer Khadas VIM3 Pro


24 months warranty for all.
We want you to feel secure.


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