Feel the fun in an extraordinary way with tangible gameplay

How can we redirect the child's interest from playing games on the tablet towards the development of motor and sensory skills?
interactive sandbox, augmented reality sandbox, interactive table, interactive wooden blocks
Every day, animators strive to amuse kids, working hard, yet unable to match modern multimedia games.
Once upon a time, kids gathered for old-fashioned parties with charades. Now, drawn to tablets and consoles, they crave digital adventures over traditional contests.

Happy story

Until finally, many vibrant children's game centers arose, honing diverse skills and empowering kids for future success and heightened intelligence.
Because of that, animators' workload decreased, the attraction sites became known as modern and intelligent, drawing more visitors, and its stunning effects amplified its social media presence.
Because of that, kids discovered a superior alternative to tablets and consoles, fostering genuine interest and improved sensory and motor skills.
One day, the Scapio, an innovative attraction, emerged—offering multi-child play, ideal for parties, birthdays; offers hours of diverse fun, with or without animator.

Interactive wall explained

interactive sandbox, augmented reality sandbox
The area illuminated by the projector is the gaming zone where the player interacts by throwing a ball.
A depth sensor reads depth data and transmits it to the computer, which calculates collision points of balls and spheres with the wall.
The computer processes data and projects images through a projector.
Sensory Skills: Ball throwing hones distance perception and spatial orientation using senses like sight and kinesthetic feedback.
Motor Skills: Throwing a ball requires precise coordination, teaching kids to gauge force, direction, and angle for fine and gross motor skill growth.

Skills Development

Social Skills: Throwing with peers cultivates teamwork, communication, and decision-making within a group setting.
Concentration and Attention: Successful throws stem from focused target attention, enhancing concentration abilities.
Reaction: Aiming accurately demands quick adaptation to changing conditions, like wind or moving targets, improving reflexes.
Emotion Management: Ball games aid emotional control; learning persistence through failed throws builds resilience.

Scapio Center

Scapio Store, OS Android, Interface
OS Android apps manager.
Direct access from the equipment.
Minimalistic and simple interface.
Scapio Store, OS Android, Interface
Full access to all games.
You will obtain a new game every month.
You will get new updates every week.
Full access to all games.
You will obtain a new game
every month.
You will get new updates
every week.

Games (11)


Introducing "Darts" – a captivating game designed for kids. Immerse into the fun as you aim and throw with precision, experiencing a fusion of technology and play. Bullseye excitement awaits!
Street Art: Channel your inner artist and make the wall your canvas! Throw balls to splatter paint, create vibrant patterns, and collaborate with friends in this dynamic fusion of physical play and digital creativity on the Interactive Wall.
Street Art
The playing field is a column of rows consisting of numbers. The elements are mixed and one digit is missing in each row. The player needs to put the missing number in the right cell without wasting time. Over time, the rows multiply, and the speed of their appearance increases.
Duck Hunt
Hurl balls at the frames to score points, as you aim for precision and power. Become the ultimate striker in this exciting interactive game on the fantastic Interactive Wall.
Dive into the smashing fun of 'Fragile Store'! Unleash excitement as you aim, throw, and shatter various objects to earn points. Your throwing skills become the game changer in this thrilling test of precision and strategy. Rack up points by breaking items in style!
Fragile Store
Dodgeball: Aim, throw, score! Unleash your throwing skills as you target and tag opponents with well-aimed throws. Swift reflexes and precise shots will earn you victory in this exhilarating ball-throwing showdown.
Swing for the fences in the Baseball game! Step up to the plate, aim, and throw to hit virtual targets. Test your pitching skills, accuracy, and have a ball of a time with this exciting ball-throwing challenge!
Immerse into the vibrant world of 'Color Plates,' where accuracy meets excitement! Hurl balls with precision to shatter dynamic color plates. Unleash a cascade of hues and let your aim create a masterpiece of fun.
Color Plates
Join the fun with 'Beavers'! Swift reflexes and aim are your allies in this dynamic game. Knock adorable beavers as they surprise you, earning points and laughter. Unleash excitement through ball throws and reap the joy of hitting those targets!
Introducing "Racer Club"! Engaging multiplayer game for kids. Join teams, compete, and have a blast in this exciting interactive race. Who will cross the finish line first? Join the fun!
Racer Club
Dive into the whimsical world of 'Crazy Frogs'! Kids unleash their energy as they fling balls, setting off a frenzy of wacky amphibians. Aim, toss, and watch the chaos unfold with projected surprises. Active playtime and laughter rolled into one delightful experience!
Crazy Frogs

What's inside

Projector Epson CO-W01
Orbbec Persee, Depth Sensor, OS Android
WXGA(1280x800), 3700 Lumen, Lamp 6000 hours
Projector Epson EB-W06
Depth Sensor + RGB Camera
Depth Sensor Orbbec Astra Pro Plus
With Amlogic A311D processor, 30 GB memory (support SD card up to 1 TB), 4 GB RAM and
OS Android 9 onboard
SB Computer Khadas VIM3 Pro


24 months warranty for all.
We want you to feel secure.


Convenient and fast support for all questions and problems mon-sat, 9:00-17:00. Just write to us on Viber or WhatsApp and you will be answered in a few minutes.
We will help you understand games better, assist with tuning up equipment to suit your personal needs, and resolve very rarely occurring problems. If we were failed to help you remotely, we will come to your place and do everything in person, absolutely free of charge.

Happy customers

The smile and satisfied face of the client is the best reward for us.
We help our customers solve their problems with our equipment.


Contact us and we will send you a price list.

Feel free to contact

Dmitry Zhivaev
Sales and Service manager
Viber: +382 686 36087
Email: dmitry@scapio.io
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