Create worlds with sand,
blocks and AR.
Play well. Feel well.

We built wellness-driven mixed-reality gaming station for education and entertainment
Scapio's Customers
  • Day Care Centers
  • Museums
  • Wellness Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Retail Stores
How It Works

Use the remote control to access Scapio Store that is projected on the table surface
In Scapio Store, chose one of the many interactive games to play
To play with sand, remove the tabletop; to play with wooden blocks - keep the top on and have wooden blocks ready
As you play, the projector reacts in real-time to the player's movement
The depth sensor reads the sand surface and transfers a 3D map of the sand surface into the processor
Augmented Reality Sandbox explained
The processor processes incoming data and sends a signal to the projector
Projector projects light on the sand depending on where the sand is at this moment. In some games, sand is colored based on height, in other games, the projector creates realistic textures and landscapes imitating the real world with water, mountains, greenery, lava, etc. We have a lot of games!
Interactive Table with Blocks explained
The depth sensor reads the content of the wooden blocks on the table and transfers this information into the processor
The processor processes incoming data and sends a signal to the projector
The projector projects light on the table depending on what wooden blocks show and where they are at this moment. In some games, players can spell words correctly to see these objects appearing on the table
The sandbox is covered with a white wooden lid
Wooden Blocks
Block games

Sand games
Select your Scapio
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It includes: stand with the sandbox, projector, 3d camera, 54 lb of sand, table cover with an initial set of magic blocks, and 10 free games
Scapio 1.0
Scapio 2.0
A more affordable version. It includes the same set of equipment as Scapio 1.0 but it is lighter and easier to manufacture.
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We have two showrooms in NYC to play with Scapio - in East Village and New Jersey

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